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About NSRP

The National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) is a collaboration of U.S. shipyards working together to reduce the cost of building, operating and repairing Navy ships by improving productivity and quality through advanced technology and processes. NSRP leverages public/private cooperation to manage cost-shared R&D based on a consensus Strategic Investment Plan.

Member Shipyards (Shipyard logos and graphics are linked to member shipyards' websites)

NSRP Map background Vigor NASSCO MMC BIW Electric Boat Newport News BAE VT Halter Austal NASSCO Austal Ingalls Shipbuilding Bollinger Ingalls Marinette Marine Vigor Bollinger Shipyards Newport News Shipbuilding Bath Iron Works VT Halter Electric Boat BAE Systems-SE Shipyards


The founding NSRP began as an R&D program in 1971 under the guidance of MARAD (U.S. Maritime Administration). The Program's initial goal was to respond to the direction given to the Secretary of Commerce in the Merchant Marine Act of 1970 [Section 212(c)] to collaborate with shipbuilders in developing plans for the economic construction of vessels. To provide industry management and technical input, MARA selected the SNAME (Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers) T&R (Technical & Research) Ship Production Committee to carry out these responsibilities. Since its inception the NSRP's goal has remained the same: to reduce production costs and to accelerate delivery schedules through improved shipbuilding methods.

  • 1971-79 -- NSRP funded and administered by MARAD
  • 1980-85 -- NSRP administered by MARAD, funded by Navy Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech), which was under Naval Materials Commmand Office
  • 1986-91 -- NSRP administered by Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock (NSWCC), funded by by ManTech, moved to Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN)
  • 1992-94 -- NSRP funded by ManTech, now administered at Office of Naval Research (ONR)
  • 1995-97 -- ManTech and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) MARITECH (Maritime Technology) jointly funded NSRP, again with NSWCC managing the program in cooperation with MARAD and ONR
  • 1998 -- in early 1998, NSRP moved to NAVSEA, where funding, administration and management functions were performed. In mid-1998, the NSRP-ASE collaboration of (then) nine shipyards was formed and NAVSEA charged the collaboration to manage the program.

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NSRP History

Organization (Boxes in below graphic are linked to corresponding webpages)

NSRP Extended Team

Leadership and Management

Executive Control Board Governing body of the Program, consisting of a senior management representative for each member shipyard
Executive Director and Staff Selected by the Executive Control Board; responsible for the overall management of the Program (includes Technical and Contracts staff)

Extended Team
Major Initiative Team Leads Nominated by the Executive Control Board from NSRP member yards; provide technical oversight on projects aligned with Major Initiative
Panel Chairs Elected by panel memberships; oversee panel activities, including meetings and project solicitations








Naval Sea Systems Command

PEO Carriers

PEO IWS (Integrated Warfare Systems)

PEO LCS (Littoral Combat Ships)

PEO Ships

PEO Subs

U. S. Coast Guard










Program Interface

Sponsor Interface

Program Operations

Program Operations originate with Industry and Navy stakeholders providing recommendations on consensus priority issues, as related to the Program’s mission and objectives; those recommendations provide the basis for the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), which forms the Program framework. The SIP then directs the project selection process and also defines relevant ad hoc initiatives.  These projects and special initiatives are carried out within the industry through the execution of projects, panel meetings and conferences, dissemination of project results and the implementation of technologies and processes. This output is then relayed to Navy and industry stakeholders, who incorporate the results with their recommendations. Further information can be found in the Organization and Operations Manual.

NSRP Operations


Core Activities (Boxes in below graphic are linked to corresponding webpages)

Program Activities Tech Transfer Industry R&D Projects Ad Hoc Initiatives